We strive to assist people to ‘think’ and to challenge them in a fun way and leave a lasting impression.



We use as many exercises, group activities, and role-plays which are relevant to the delegate’s job roles in our training courses, which helps to enhance their learning experience and sustain interest (which is what training is all about isn’t it?).

We are able to motivate delegates, and to challenge them to self-asses and actually have the time to ‘think’ about how they currently work or behave and how they could do things differently to benefit them and their work.

We like to get the delegates to think openly and to recognise ways to improve their own personal productivity at work.  The end result could be that they are more efficient, or, a better communicator to help them achieve greater results for themselves, their internal or external customers and ultimately the organisation they work for.

We can’t change someone’s personality, however, we can assist them to think differently and consider the benefits of altering behaviour or ways of working to benefit them in their working life.


Our training courses are not lectures and we do not make people feel like they are at School!

We assist delegates to implement their own action plans from the courses, remembering that they must fit in with their own personal objectives, and their Company’s objectives.

We give constructive feed-back to delegates to enhance their learning, and to improve their confidence level.

We ensure all of the courses are tailored to the learning objectives of the delegates.

Choose us to deliver training courses for your organisation, and you will discover why our clients keep coming back time after time.

Jane Warden

Director and Founder of Jane Warden Corporate Training Consultancy


Hello and thanks for reading about us.  I love my work, my Company and I am fascinated and very interested in people.  When people ask me what I do, I usually say

‘I help people to do their jobs better and be more successful’.


My thoughts of starting my own business first came when I was working at a Training Company 16 years ago. I noticed something wasn’t quite right.  There wasn’t enough contact between trainers and ‘the client’ and too many telesales people selling training courses they knew nothing about.  At this time, when I delivered the training courses I wanted to know why the delegates were being trained, and what the essential key learning objectives were, outside of the standard learning objectives for the course.  I felt it was right to visit the client before any training was booked; to tailor the courses to fit the delegates. Not to fit the delegates’ training needs into a standard course.  I believed, and still do believe, that attention to detail is the platform for the training to be relevant and effective.

As I have always had the desire to improve, challenge and make things work better, I decided to set up my own Training Consultancy.  I didn’t have any money to do this, and when starting I even winced when I had to spend 43 pence to send out a brochure to a prospective client.  Even though I had a baby at the time, I thought it the right thing to do and would give it a go.  Why not?

My career previously was training, sales and administration so it seemed right.  I slowly built my client base and received repeat business and referrals from my clients.  I worked hard cold calling on the telephone and face to face door knocking, to get new clients on board.  Challenging, yes, but I was determined to keep going; small steps and gradual increase (difficult for one so impatient).

My aim then was to build a Training Consultancy in the truest sense, working with Businesses, small, medium and large, as a true ‘Business Partner’.

Face to face communication is my thing, and close business relationships make great results.  I didn’t want to be a training company that delegates would just turn up, proceed through a training course and go home.

I do have very high standards of myself and the service we provide, along with high work ethics.  I will strive for the highest client service and satisfaction possible.  Therefore, when I decided to branch out and find a few more people to work alongside me, I realised I had to find the exactly the right people.  People who had the same high standards, work ethics, and who valued client relationships. I needed to trust them. An organisation is only as good as the people in it, of course. There are now three trainers including myself and a coach/NLP practitioner and mediator.

I am so pleased to say that I found these people and have been able to gradually include them into the business.

If you are small business owner you will understand how challenging expanding the business from a ‘one man band’ small business is.

So where are we now? 

The business has grown and we have some great relationships with Companies and Organisations locally and in the City of London.  We love to deal with a wide spectrum of industry, as our courses are generic and can be tailored to suit any industry.  We deliver training to Solicitors, Insurance Brokers, Shipping and Logistics Companies, Hospitals (NHS and private), Accountants, Furniture Manufacturers, Councils, Surveyors, the list goes on. 

Why are we different?

Well, I truly believe it is our attention to detail from the start.  As soon as an enquiry comes in.  A first meeting to discuss ideas and first thoughts on the training required, followed by a bespoke training course content with tailored scenarios for exercises is our key objective before we even book a date.  Attention to detail is the key with training, I have no doubt, and that is how we work and is what we believe in.  Our clients know that if a training need arises or a training programme is required to steer the workforce in a certain direction, we will be there to discuss ideas and work with them, face to face.

Please do ring me for a chat on 01394 282244 or 07713 256139

Jane Warden - Accredited CIEH L3 Trainer

Founder of Jane Warden Corporate Training Consultancy